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Sustainably-minded businesses decreasing their footprint.

For most businesses, toilet paper has historically been an afterthought.

Toilet paper found outside the home has typically been of significantly lower quality than paper designed for home use. That's because hotels, restaurants, gyms, etc. have historically viewed toilet paper as nothing more than a 'cost center'—an aspect of the business that neither directly nor indirectly contributes to the profits of the business, but still requires money to operate. After all, these businesses reason, most people don't pick a restaurant or a hotel for the toilet paper they stock. If you're most hotels, you're just looking to keep those costs as low as possible, even if thatmeans stocking thin, scratchy, bleach-laden tree paper.

PlantPaper stocked at 'The Outside Inn' in Joshua Tree, California.

 The bigger the business, the bigger the impact—for better or worse.

Generally, the larger the building, restaurant group, or hotel chain, the more likely they are to opt for a lower quality paper, as the cost difference between mediocre and good--however small on a per roll basis--adds up at scale. The environemntal and human health imapcts associated with tree paper also add up at scale. Out of the home toilet paper purchased in the US accounts for about a third of all toilet paper purchased iacross the country, with large scale purchasers accounting for the lion's share.

PlantPaper stocked at Casetta's 'Casa Cody' in Palm Springs, California.


As sustainability becomes more important to businesses of all kinds, some are beginning to take responsibility for the impact of their toilet paper choices.

PlantPaper is thrilled to partner with far-sighted partners like the Casetta Group, operators of seven hotels throughout California. Casetta sess its toiuelt apeprpurchasing decisions not as an aferthougth, but as an opporutnity to offer valye where other hotels do not -- value in the form of a softeter, stronger, smarter toielt paper, but also in the fulfillment of a promise to take their responsibity to people and planet just as seriously as they do their profit margins.

Casetta Hotels 'The Pearl' In San Diego, California.

SkyTing Yoga studios in New York.


Where can I try PlantPaper out in the real world?

Once people switch to PlantPaper, most don't want to use anything else—even when it's out in the world at a hotel or restaurant. Fortunately, we've partnered with many businesses across the country to make tree-free, bleach-free, BPA-free wherever you go.

Do any restaurants use PlantPaper? What about yoga studios?

Yes! Sky Ting yoga studio in NYC and Love Yoga in LA have PlantPaper in their bathrooms. When dining out, find PlantPaper at Cafe Cluny and Cafe Luxembourg in NYC, and Damian in LA amongst others!


What can I do to encourage businesses to do better?

We'd be happy to send samples to any businesses you're involved in or you love and think would be a good partner with PlantPaper! Just drop us a line and we'll get it sorted!

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